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Accounting Management Services


Bookkeeping involves the recording on a systematic basis of financial transactions and information pertaining to a business. This detailed and sensitive process of accounting keeps track of the, “who, what, when, where, why, and how much?” while providing reconciliations for verification.

Bookkeeping is responsible for everything being right, being in the right place, and ready for reporting, reviewing, analytical assessments, projections and planning.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable handles money going out, making sure that you never overpay your vendors, and late payment charges are never incurred. AP pays attention and looks for opportunities to save you money by taking advantage of vendor incentives and discounts, bundling offers and services, and finding and using other less-obvious options.

TDK makes sure that vendors are paid the right amount, on time, and that great relationships exist between you and your vendors.

Accounts Receivable and Revenue Tracking

Accounts Receivable is another vital responsibility, which creates and tracks invoices and money coming in. These duties can also include the unpleasant task of collecting outstanding invoices, terminating relationships, or salvaging and restructuring fragile, yet critical relationships.

Through TDK, your AR correctly monitors and controls a smooth, predictable income stream

Payroll Preparations, Reporting and Maintenance

Payroll involves more than most business owners can handle on their own when IRS, the federal government and SALT reporting and monitoring requirements increase. The overload is especially evident with new and complicated mininum-wage laws and the increase in hiring part-time employees. Our services can include:

  • Quarterly and year-end tax filing and payroll reports
  • Tax deposit services
  • Preparation and distribution of W-2 and 1099 forms
  • Checks or direct deposit services for employees
  • Monitoring, reporting, and compliance with court-ordered deductions

TDK provides payroll services ranging from filing payroll tax forms to full-range services to handle the maintenance of updating employee information and handling court-ordered deductions.

Tax Management Services

Tax Planning, Preparation and Filing

Tax planning, preparation and filing for many business owners involves both their business and personal tax management. With TDK Financial, your tax planning and strategy is ongoing so you always know, and have control over, your tax position.

TDK’s tax management clients know that when it’s time to file, the work is already done, and they’ve been in control of the outcome.

Tax Compliance and Reform

Tax compliance and reform can get complicated. TDK stays current with tax laws, changes and reform throughout the year. Tax entities require businesses to file reports and returns on time, in the required formats and make any required payments. Taxing entities may not be aware of your failure to file reports and returns until enough red flags have been raised to get their attention. Back taxes, penalties and interests can be sudden and brutal.

TDK Financial is uniquely equipped to handle ongoing tax compliance and advise clients regarding any adjustments in strategies as tax reform continues.

Business and Personal Tax Coordination Strategy

Business owners have a lot in common. They value their freedom and independence and continually seek to gain more control over the success of their personal financial lives. Gone are the days when even a very small business owner could file their own taxes or be sure every business decision is tax-advantaged for their business, their family and their heirs.

TDK provides business owners and their families with tax management strategies to assure that every decision and solution is tax-advantaged, flexible and on-target with business and personal financial goals.

Taxpayer Representation Before the IRS

Taxpayer representation before the IRS is a unique specialty of TDK Financial. When dealing with IRS non-compliance issues, a taxpayer carries the burden of proving that the IRS is wrong. Facing the IRS without representation can be disastrous, and taxpayers have the option of designating someone else to represent them. Such representation must be authorized to practice before the IRS, such as an attorney, Enrolled Agent, or a Certified Public Accountant.

We are certified to represent you before the IRS under IRS Regulations contained in Circular 230 with both an EA and a CPA.

Terri McLain, EA, Accountant: “I’m an Enrolled Agent. This means I’m licensed at the federal level by the IRS and I have the right to protect and defend my clients’ rights in matters of IRS tax law and procedures.”

Nick Kiser, CPA: “I’m a Certified Public Accountant and can represent my clients subject to regulations of the IRS as a recognized representative regarding a taxpayer’s rights, privileges, or liabilities under laws and regulations administered by the IRS.”

Financial Management Services

Interpretation of Financial Statements and Reporting

Interpretation of financial statements and reporting would be impossible without accurate financials. Financial reports and statements are the product of well-run accounting practices and are the basic tools you require to do what you do best: make informed decisions and run your own business. There are certain decisions which require in-depth financial information, such as projects within your own business or another you plan to work with, or a business you view as a possible acquisition.

TDK provides in-depth analytical interpretations, evaluations, opinions and services to help you stay focused and make well-informed decisions.

Business Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

Business start-ups and entrepreneurs step into a new world, even if they’ve been in business before or have other businesses. A new endeavor involves everything from the first idea to critical financial projections based on detailed (or vague) assumptions. Business structure and entity type can vary depending on the type of business or specific reasons for starting your business. Potential investors or lending, licensing or tax entities will require certain documents and financial reports.

TDK helps you make the best decisions, so your business begins in step and always stays aligned with your personal financial goals.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Valuations

Mergers, acquisitions and valuations work together. When presented with opportunities for business growth, guesswork and impulse can put your business at risk. Understanding, interpreting and projecting future activities based on financials provided by other businesses requires a level of knowledge that most business owners admit they don’t possess. A business valuation includes more than numbers and could require an analysis of a company’s management, capital structure, future earnings prospects, value of its assets, and more.

TDK Financial provides in-depth research, analysis and reporting to assist business owners, developers and investors in making highly-informed financial decisions.

Exit and Succession Planning

Exit and succession planning is the other side of the coin when entering or starting your own business. An exit plan gives a business owner a way to reduce or liquidate his or her stake in a business and, if the business is successful, make a profit. Succession planning is the process for identifying and preparing new leaders who can replace old leaders as they leave, retire or die. Lack of structured succession planning is one of the major causes of decline and failure in family businesses when key leadership is lost.

TDK Financial assists as new and established businesses build a purposeful and profitable exit plan, and guides family-owned business in structuring a plan to ensure the multi-generational health of their business.

Asset Protection

Asset protection is a strategy and financial planning to protect assets from creditor claims and other losses. Business owners use certain business structures and/or entity types to separate and protect business and personal assets and wealth. Businesses can also insure assets, both tangible and intangible. The type and size of your business greatly determines the protection, which is crafted usually by a financial professional, to best protect unique situations.

TDK Financial, with 37 years experience, and the certifications of EA, CPA, and Accountant, work with clients to protect business, trust, estate, and personal assets and wealth.

Employee Retention, Acquisition, and Benefit Plans

Employee retention, acquisition, and benefit plans help ensure the stability and security of your business, its employees, and owners and their families. Selecting, managing, reporting and auditing any of your benefit plans is no easy task. Regulations change and employees have questions. Retaining good employees and attracting new employees is essential to keeping your business strong and growing, and TDK can research your existing plans and help you select more or better plans to suit your needs. If yours is a family-owned business, benefit programs can be structured to coincide with your overall personal financial and retirement goals. Planning of this type assures your employees that you want the best-suited plans for everyone.

TDK can help you protect and secure your business, your employees, your family, and generations to follow.

Due Diligence, Audit, Advisory, and Reviews

Due diligence, audit, advisory, and reviews are some precautions and responsibilities taken by business owners in their roles as credible professionals and trustworthy individuals. Due diligence is the effort taken to investigate or audit an investment or product to confirm all facts before entering into an agreement or a financial act with another party. To do business with a business who requires and can attest to having completed due diligence is part of your due diligence.

TDK helps clients perform or seek out evidence of due diligence, and to confirm their own, or anothers financial health, reputation and legal standing.